Thursday 03 September 2015

Past Speakers

Keynote speakers are designated with an asterisk (*).

Name Title Organization Year
 Robert George*  McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence  Princeton University  2014
 Hadley Arkes  Professor; Founder and Director  James Wilson Institute  2014
 Christopher Tollefsen  Professor  University of South Carolina  2014
 Charmaine Yoest  President and CEO  Americans United for Life  2014
 Thomas Farr  Director  Religious Freedom Project  2014
 Georgette Forney  Founder The National Silent No More Awareness Campaign  2014
 Rabbi David Novak  Professor  University of Toronto  2014
 Jennifer Lahl  Founder, President  The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network  2014
 Anne-Elisabeth Guiliani  Chaplain-In-Residence  Georgetown University  2014
 Karen Clifton  Executive Director  Catholic Mobilizing Network  2014
 Sr. Hanna Klaus  Physician  TeenSTAR Program  2014
 Steven Mosher  President  Population Research Institute  2014
 Rev. Charles J. Chaput*  Archbishop  Archdiocese of Philadelphia  2012
 Rep. Chris Smith  Congressman (R-NJ)  US Congress  2012
 Rep. Jean Schmidt  Congresswoman (R-OH)  US Congress  2012
 Rep. Anne Marie Buerkle  Congresswoman (R-NY)  US Congress  2012
 Rev. Stephen Fields, S.J.  Professor  Georgetown University  2012
 William V. Blazek SJ, MD  Professor  Georgetown University  2012
 Dr. John Keown  Professor, Author, Lawyer  Oxford/Cambridge  2012
 Brian Clowes, PhD  Author  The Facts of Life  2012
 Steven Mosher  President  Population Research Institute  2012
 Vicki Thorn  Founder and Executive  National Office of Post-Abortion Healing and Reconciliation/ Project Rachel  2012
 Jessica O’Connor-Petts  Board Member  Feminists for Life  2012
 Father Francis J. “Rocky” Hoffman  Executive Director, host  Relevant Radio  2012
Sisters of Life 2012
Dr. Alveda King* Founder King for America 2010
Scott Klusendorf* Founder and President Life Training Institute 2010
Fr. James F Duffy Assistant Dean for Clinical Education Georgetown School of Medicine 2010
Cayce D. Utley National Program Director Feminists for Life 2010
Joseph Scheidler National Director Pro-Life Action League 2010
Peter Smith & Kathleen Gilbert Senior Editor & U.S. Bureau Chief 2010
Vicky Thorn Founder Project Rachel 2010
Margaret Colin* Honorary Co-Chair Feminist for Life of America 2009
Robert George * Author, Professor Princeton University 2009
Dr. Michael Pakaluk Author, Professor Clark University 2009
Fr. Fitzgerald, S.J. Priest, Research Associate Professor in the Division of Biochemistry and Pharmacology of the Department of Oncology and the David Lauler Chair for the Catholic Health Care Ethics Catholic Church 2009
Fr. James Duffy Priest, Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine on the Medical Educator Track Georgetown University 2009
Deirdre McQuade* Associate Director for Policy and Communications USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities 2008
Most Rev. Raymond L. Burke * Archbishop of St. Louis Catholic Church 2008
Carl Anderson * Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus Knights of Columbus 2007
Helen Alvare, Esq. * Professor Catholic University Columbia School of Law 2007
Jenny Bradley The Northwest Center 2007
Dr. Hanna Klaus Director National Family Planning Center 2007
Fr. John Hopkins L.C Institute of Psychological Sciences 2007
Vicki Thorn Founder Project Rachel 2007
Richard Stith, Esq. Valparaiso University School of Law 2007
Joy Yearout Political Director Susan B. Anthony List 2007
Austin Ruse President C-FAM 2007
Dr. John Bruchalski Tepeyac Family Center 2007
Cayce Utley National Program Director Feminists for Life 2007
Mother Agnes Mary Donovan S.V. * Superior General Sisters of Life 2006
Jennifer O’Neill* Actress, Model and Spokeswoman National Silent No More Campaign 2006
Dr. Gladys M. Sweeney Institute for the Psychological Sciences 2006
Jillian Roemer and Marie Larson Human Life Alliance 2006
Jessica O’Connor-Petts Board Member Feminists for Life 2006
Dr. Richard Stith Valparaiso University School of Law 2006
Dr. Michael New Professor University of Alabama 2006
Kristen Day * President Democrats for Life of America 2005
Serrin Foster * President Feminists for Life 2005
Rev. Kevin FitzGerald, S.J. Lauler Chair of Catholic Health Care Ethics Georgetown University 2005
Dr. Richard Stith Board Member University Faculty for Life 2005
Jillian Roemer Director of Campus Outreach Human Life Alliance 2005
Dr. Mark Murphy Professor of Philosophy Georgetown University 2005
Joe Starrs Director American Life League’s Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Church 2005
Richard Doerflinger * Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 2004
Senator Rick Santorum * Senator (R-PA) U.S. Congress 2004
Rev. Kevin FitzGerald, S.J. Lauler Chair of Catholic Health Care Ethics Georgetown University 2004
Dr. Alfonso Gómez-Lobo Member President’s Council on Bioethics 2004
Dr. Alexander Pruss Professor of Philosophy Georgetown University 2004
Holly Smith Field Coordinator National Right to Life Committee 2004
Jenni Speltz Director of Campus Outreach Human Life Alliance 2004
Dr. Mildred Jefferson * Former President and Co-founder National Right to Life 2003
Dr. Wanda Franz* President National Right to Life Committee 2002
The Honorable Chris Smith (R)* Member of Congress, Fourth District, New Jersey U.S. Congress 2002
Rev. Frank Pavone * National Director Priests for Life 2001
Cathleen Cleaver, Esq.* Spokeswoman U.S. Bishops’ Pro-Life Secretariat 2001
The Honorable Joseph R. Pitts (R)* Member of Congress, Sixteenth District, Pennsylvania U.S. Congress 2001
The Honorable Henry J. Hyde (R)* Chairman of the House Judiciary U.S. Congress 2000
Helen Alvare, Esq.* U.S. Bishops’ Pro-Life Secretariat 2000


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