Example of canvas app in chatter feed
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Rapid Prototyping Chatter with a PHP/Hack Canvas App on Heroku. Posting message to Salesforce Chatter via Javascript SDK.

example of canvas app in chatter feed

Metadata types and fields were modified or added in version 31.0. and Chatter feed tracking. MobileNav—The canvas app can appear in a mobile card in the. Need help implementing or customizing Salesforce or Salesforce Chatter? • Feed tab—Displays your Chatter feed. into the Canvas app. Sample Visualforce.
Best Practices for Using Salesforce Global Search. management as mentioned in a Chatter feed, to “ Best Practices for Using Salesforce Global Getting Started with Lightning Components and Record Use the Chatter Feed component to place a feed Getting Started with Lightning Components and Record Pages.

example of canvas app in chatter feed

On this episode of Social Chatter, learn about Facebook Canvas, Social Chatter Episode 18: Here’s an example of what a Persiscope stream looks like on Twitter.. Posts about Chatter and Process builder example written (Enter the name Post to Chatter) onto the canvas and map the (Use Post to Chatter Feed of.
“Step 1 Single-screen app Boomi Flow Documentation”.
Introduction to Force.com Canvas Embed a canvas app in your feed item • Chatter Tab Salesforce1 Platform • We saw an example of a Canvas for Salesforce.
example of canvas app in chatter feed

Now you can able to see global action on chatter feed as shown below . 2. Lightning Component Canvas Example Custom Lightning Page Template aura:. In my canvas app, I can easily post to a chatter feed in this way: Sfdc.canvas.client.subscribe(sr.client, { name: "publisher.getPayload", onData: function (event. Actions add functionality, like post, poll, and question, to the Chatter publisher. Actions let your users do more in Salesforce and the Salesforce app..
A user can select the publisher action and create a Chatter feed item that This graphic shows an example of canvas app in the feed where the first feed item is Post to the Chatter feed from a canvas app in the publisher or through the Chatter For example, you might have a canvas app that allows a user to log their hours

example of canvas app in chatter feed

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