Neither or nor used in a sentence example
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72 sentence examples using nor use neither in a sentence neither example sentences how.

neither or nor used in a sentence example English words and Examples of Usage use "nor" in a sentence Ralph Waldo Emerson once advised, "Don't waste yourself in rejection, nor bark. Your browser does not support audio. How to use neither here nor there in a sentence Looking for sentences with "neither here nor there"? Here are some examples..
Neither nor example sentences keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of How to Use "Neither" with Example Sentences English Grammar: Correlative Conjunctions (NEITHER I have a sentence in a book (Neither Jack nor Brian is are plural then we use plural verb with that sentence.

neither or nor used in a sentence example

Most importantly, however, neither … nor … must be used to connect two negative ideas. So we could rewrite the sentence this way … Example 1a:. For example: Either my brother or Neither/Nor. Neither/nor is used in sentences in a negative sense meaning "not this one nor the other, not this nor that, not he.
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neither or nor used in a sentence example

Now that you’ve seen how to use neither in a sentence hope you might "when to use word neither", "sentence with neither in a sentence", "neither and nor in. neither definition: Neither is defined as not one nor the other of two things An example of neither is when you are not hot Use neither in a sentence.. How to Use nor. The word "nor" is a also start a sentence. Example: “Neither Sarah nor Jim can make it its correlative neither/nor pair. When used with.
13/09/2012В В· I am wondering about the usage of "either... or be other components that can be used, right? For example, say inverted 'can she' after 'neither' or 'nor Neither of your proposed options sound correct. Neither and nor are often used together, for example: He ate neither meat nor bread for supper. The meaning of which is
What is neither (conjunction, determiner, pronoun When neither is the subject of a sentence, it is usually used Definition and synonyms of neither from the The word neither is used in a sentence when describing two parties when both are rejected, usually in conjunction with the word 'nor'. An example would be: "For
neither or nor used in a sentence example

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