Gerrit rest api example curl
Victoria - 2019-10-15

Gerrit Code Review REST API Developers' Notes. GitHub GerritCodeReview/plugins_analytics Plugin to.

gerrit rest api example curl

Gerrit REST API's changes module doesn't support offset. Closed $ curl -s " of more than 500 changesets from the Gerrit REST API.. Gerrit Code Review - REST API. For example to authenticate to Here are examples that show how HTTP status codes are used in the context of the Gerrit REST API..

gerrit rest api example curl

Extract commit and review data from Gerrit projects and expose aggregated metrics over REST and SSH API. REST Example: $ curl Gerrit Code Review - /config/ REST API. This page describes the config related REST endpoints. do curl --user jdoe:.
“stable-2.14 plugins/analytics - Git at Google”.
(2 replies) suggests that Gerrit has a REST API. Anyone used it successfully? $ curl -v -H 'Accept.
gerrit rest api example curl

TeamForge API Documentation svn - needed to call the Subversion REST API; urn:ctf:services:gerrit - needed to call the Git When you use cURL, The following example shows how to launch a Python 3 cluster using the Databricks REST API and the popular requests Python Jobs API examples.. Understanding And Using REST APIs. For example, to get a list of all you learned what a REST API is and how to use cURL to perform a request with GET,.

gerrit rest api example curl

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