What a predicate adjective example
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predicate adjective Grammar.com. What is a Predicate Adjective? Definition & Examples.

what a predicate adjective example

What is a predicate only adjective? Most English adjectives can function attributively or postpositively as noun phrase modifiers and predicatively as subject. 22/10/2009В В· Predicate Adjective (Describes subject.) I am ready. John is happy. Sue is sad. The above sentences can be reversed, thus: Ready am I. Happy is John. Sad is Sue..
A predicate adjective (also called a subject complement) modifiesthe subject like other descriptive adjectives, but it follows alinking verb in a. So in this example the subject is “dog” and the predicate is “ran. A compound predicate includes two or more verbs that relate to the subject:

what a predicate adjective example

Although all predicate nominatives Predicate nominatives should also not be confused with predicate adjectives, Definition and Examples of Predicative. Subject and predicate worksheets and examples. Simple subject and predicate. Compound subject and the second phrase acts like an adjective and describes the.
“What Is a Predicative Verb? (with picture) wisegeek.com”.
20/08/2005В В· In the following sentence is the word logged functioning as the predicate adjective/ subject compliment or is it a verb phrase, or could it be both?.
what a predicate adjective example

A predicative adjective is an adjective, Quantifiers differ with respect to whether or not they can be the subject of a collective predicate. For example,. For example, "Karen is a girl The other category is the predicate adjective; a descriptive predicate that contains an adjective acting like the predicate.. Following is an explanation of the predicate noun and some examples. A predicate adjective is very similar to a predicate noun in that it completes the predicate.

what a predicate adjective example

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