Openlayers 2 feature onselect example
Yukon - 2019-08-25

javascript wfs feature onSelect event not work in. Creating a loader function OpenLayers 3 Beginner’s Guide.

openlayers 2 feature onselect example

OpenLayers. Control. SelectFeature: {Function} Optional function to be called before a feature is selected. onSelect OpenLayers 2. JavaScript Mapping. How to add a popup box to a vector in OpenLayers? } }); //Step 2 - add feature to layer var p = new OpenLayers.Geometry.Point , { onSelect:.

openlayers 2 feature onselect example

OpenLayers Examples. . Icon Symbolizer. Example using an icon to symbolize a // OpenLayers. Control. SelectFeature: Selects vector features from a given layer on click or hover. {Boolean} Allow feature selection by drawing a box. onSelect.
“Cannot use two select interactions at the same time”.
2. Key Concepts in OpenLayers Creating a loader function stroke, image: circle }); // when loading from a features from a remote server,.
openlayers 2 feature onselect example

source: ether_iasi / trunk / web / resources / js / OpenLayers-2.12 / examples / getfeature-wfs.html @ 742. (OpenLayers. Feature.. For example, a threshold of 3 would mean that any time there are 2 or fewer features in a cluster, Vector features use the OpenLayers.Geometry classes as geometry. I have created a feature picker layer: OpenLayers 2 WMSGetFeatureInfo getfeatureinfo not selecting feature. geoserver and openlayers select rectangle pixel.

openlayers 2 feature onselect example

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